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Adidas ZNE Hoodie 2

Get your head right. Created using insights from professional athletes, this men's hoodie lets you run through your game-day rituals with focus. It's made of heavyweight fabric, with a distraction-proof hood to help tune out the world and tune into yourself.

The ZNE Hoodie 2 from Adidas uses a High funnel neck to increase weather protection. This can help to block cold wind and rain entering the hoodie through the neck opening which could cause the warm inner environment to be compromised. Made from heavyweight fabric, the ZNE Hoodie gives the wearer a snug wear and allows them to remain comfortable and confident. The dual-layer hood is designed to sit across the back and helps to prevent distraction which is commonly caused by lighter hoods.

The full-length center zip is coated to block out wind and rain. The zip also allows the wearer to quickly and easily adjust the amount of coverage or ventilation is received through the front of the hoodie depending on weather and personal preference. The zip can be adjusted from the top and the bottom, perfect for precise coverage and ventilation. Zippered side pockets finished with mesh backs have been added to the hoodie. This feature provides a secure, easily accessible and dry storage space for essential items.

The pre-shaped sleeves help to prevent restriction, allowing the wearer full freedom of movement and superb comfort. The wrist cuffs are elasticated which will help to hold the sleeves snugly in place. This feature is also a great way of blocking cold air from entering the hoodie through the sleeve openings. Thumb loopholes have also been placed on the sleeves which work as another feature to hold the sleeves in place but also provide coverage for part of the hands, ideal for colder days.

  • High Funnel Neck - Provides coverage to the neck and blocks out cold air.
  • Heavyweight Material - Giving the wearer a snug and secure feel and fit.
  • Dual Layer Hood - Thick design which helps to hood stay in place, reducing distraction.
  • Full Length Front Zip - Easily adjustable for coverage and/or ventilation.
  • Coated Zip - Helps to block wind and rain.
  • Double-Ended Zip - Adjustable from both ends.
  • Mesh Finished Zipper Pockets - Provides a secure, accessible and dry storage compartment,
  • Pre-Shaped Sleeves - Allows for full freedom of movement.
  • Elasticated Cuffs - For a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Thumbloop Holes - Holding the sleeves in place and offers coverage to part of the hand.

The Adidas Group

Employing more than 55,000 people in over 160 countries, Adidas produce more than 778 million product units every year. These numbers alone can easily suggest that the group is quite a complex organisation. Adidas keep things simple, lean and fast.

They think you deserve the choice. Adidas believes no one should be reduced to just one of many facets and talents. No matter whether you are an athlete looking for the best equipment, or a fashionista searching for the next trend, or both - they want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship. The multi-brand strategy enables them to do just that because it allows them to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player, always providing distinct and relevant products. In this way, their brands and their sub-brands all keep their unique identity.

Manufacturer product code - ADICE4259

Adidas ZNE Hoodie 2 - SS18 Men Clothing 2O93PJLDW

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