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Asics Lite-Show Winter Running Jacket

Stay protected during cold winter runs in the Asics Lite-Show Winter Jacket. This comfortable design has been crafted from a soft jersey material and thermal technology to ensure the weather does not affect your running schedule.

This Asics Lite-Show Winter Running Jacket keeps you protected through a variety of conditions. The jacket is both wind and water repellent while thermal properties keep you warm on cool days. Having the weather protection will enable you to maximise performance and maintain focus as you strive for the best results. While it is important to keep warm during the winter months, the jacket also boasts exceptional breathability thanks to a brushed knit fabric which enhances ventilation by allowing cool air to enter as well as accordion mesh to promote efficient moisture management. The mesh actively wicks away the build-up of excess sweat and moisture to leave your skin feeling cool, dry and comfortable. Located on the centre of the back, the mesh will help to create a healthier environment while you run.

Further comfort is provided by the regular fit nature of the jacket, helping to deliver a full, unrestricted range of motion in all directions. Softshell fabric at the front panel, arms and shoulders also improve motion while cord stoppers situated on both sides of the jacket offer the chance to adjust the fit to meet your individual requirements. Shaped elastic cuffs add comfort at the wrists as well as preventing the sleeves from causing a distraction by being too tight or too baggy. A chin guard protects your skin against friction and irritation such as chafing.

Your safety and visibility are significantly improved with reflective Asics branding and signature Lite-Show seasons reflective print which delivers 360-degree visibility. This is ideal for low light conditions such as early morning or evening runs when the light is at a premium. The reflective detail also makes you visible to passing vehicles when road running. Front secure pockets provide an ideal storage point for small, essential items you may need with you while on the move. The pockets safely secure items such as your mobile phone, keys, cards and gels.

  • Weather Protection - Both wind and water repellent to keep you protected.
  • Thermal Properties - Keep you warm on cool days.
  • Breathable - Improves breathability and ventilation.
  • Moisture Management - Wicks away excess sweat and moisture.
  • Regular Fit - Provides comfort and a full range of movement.
  • Softshell Fabric - Improves motion.
  • Adjustable Cord Stoppers - Adjust the fit to deliver further comfort.
  • Shaped Elastic Cuffs - Add comfort.
  • Chin Guard - Protects against friction and irritation such as chafing.
  • Reflective - Improves safety and visibility.
  • Front Pockets - Secure storage for small, essential items.

The Asics Mission

Founded in 1949, Asics is undisputedly the leading running shoe brand for both enthusiasts and professional athletes. Whether you're attending sporting events or enjoying a leisurely run around the local park, Asics is the ultimate runner's choice for providing comfort, support and a superior ride. From opening the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe in May 1990, the brand is unmatched for technological superiority and rigorous quality, and many innovations have stemmed from this unique site where scientists and athletes work together. The mission is to become the number one brand for sports enthusiasts by striving to build upon current technological advances and pledging to bring harmony to the body and soul.

Manufacturer product code - ASI1340606002

Asics Lite-Show Winter Running Jacket Men Clothing KH3MU09P1

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