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Canterbury CCC Logo Training T-Shirt

A firm favourite amongst training enthusiasts, the Canterbury CCC Logo Training T-Shirt is perfect for wearing in the gym and at your local sports club. With excellent breathability and ventilation, you can ensure you remain cool, dry and comfortable as you perform.

The CCC Logo T-Shirt from Canterbury is made from a fabric blend of cotton and polyester which allows the tee to release warm air and let cool air in at the same time to ensure you stay as cool as possible, and still sit smoothly and comfortably against the skin for an all over comfortable wear. The Canterbury logo has been printed across the chest of this tee making it easy for you to show your support for the brand to other athletes in style.

  • Breathable - To ensure you stay cool and dry whilst training.
  • Cotton And Polyester Blend - Soft, breathable blend for comfort.

About Canterbury

In 1904 three men began making tough woollen garments in a small town in New Zealand. John Lane, Pringle Walker and Alfred Rudkin were English natives turned proud Kiwis. Such was their love for their adopted homeland, they named their company after the area in which they settled - Canterbury. From its very beginnings, this was a brand rooted in the New Zealand soil. Like the Kiwi landscape itself, it was rugged and uncompromising. When the time came to give the company a logo, the founders naturally chose three kiwis. Canterbury's reputation grew. Years later, when the Australian and New Zealand army needed tough gear for their units in World War 1, they made the call to Canterbury. The result was hard wearing kit created in the harsh cold of the South Pacific but designed for the blistering heat of the Mediterranean. Canterbury was becoming a national institution, a byword for Kiwi qualities of trustworthiness, resilience and hard work. Inevitably, the other great New Zealand institution - the All Blacks rugby team - would eventually choose Canterbury too. Thus began an association that would last for decades and would etch three kiwis not just onto jerseys, but into the folklore of the game.

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Canterbury CCC Logo Training T-Shirt - SS17 Men Clothing HGJX4QXBH

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