Hilly Pulse Compression Sock - AW17 Men Clothing TP1D7DKTK

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Hilly Pulse Compression Sock

Improved blood-flow helps flush lactic acid during and post training and racing.

Graduated Compression has been added in the leg which helps to hold the muscles securely which can prevent Micro Muscle tears and other muscle damage that often occur during intense work outs. These socks can also be used as a great recovery sock as the compression can also be used to help the muscles repair their-selves quicker than they would without the compression if these injuries have already happened. The compression helps the muscles to repair by improving the blood circulation, pushing oxygen that is much needed around the body fasten and allowing more oxygen to reach the damaged muscles faster.

The fabric used to construct the upper of the sock works like a breathable mesh as it allows cool air to flow into the sok at the same time as releasing warmer air from the sock, allowing the foot to stay cool, dry and comfortable for longer.

  • Graduated Leg Compression - Holds the muscles to help prevent injury and discomfort.
  • Proven Circulation Improvement - Pushes oxygen in the blood around the body fasten to increase recovery time.
  • Upper Foot Ventilation - Allowing the foot to breathe though the sock for a cool and comfortable wear.
  • Fibre Composition - 63% Polyamide 32% Polyamide (Tactel) 5% Elastane.

Manufacturer product code - HILHI002346H021

Hilly Pulse Compression Sock - AW17 Men Clothing TP1D7DKTK

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