• James Products ULTRA8051T Ultrasonic Cleaner ICJOPGPVH

Large 2.5L stainless steel tank1-30 minute full range timerCeramic heater (~100W)60W Ultrasonic transducerCapacitive sensing technology

Ultrasonic cleaners function by producing sound waves that are transmitted into the tank and cleaning solution. These waves create millions of microscopic bubbles, which collapse or 'implode', releasing large amounts of energy, which scrub the surface clean. This process is called 'Cavitation'. These tiny bubbles create incredible cleaning results not only to the surface, but by penetrating the finer detail and recesses in jewellery and small items to restore them to their former glory. The Ultra 8051 Ultrasonic Cleaner has been designed to satisfy the high-end market following the success of the ULTRA 8050. The Ultra 8051 has a large 2.5L stainless steel tank capable of holding an item as long as 26cm/10.2" in length. Whether in your jewellery shop, dental studio or workshop, the Ultra 8051 will handle your cleaning requirements with ease. The Ultra 8051 has a thermal cut off for over heat protection. This unit is robust, boasting a 4.4mm wall thickness with tongue and groove joints for better impact and water-proof performance.

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1 x ULTRA8051T

James Products ULTRA8051T Ultrasonic Cleaner ICJOPGPVH

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James Products ULTRA8051T Ultrasonic Cleaner ICJOPGPVH

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